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Love Frankie – Book Review

Book: Love Frankie

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Penguin

Release Date: 17/09/2020

Pages: 432

Recommend reading age: 10-17 years

ISBN-13: 978-0857535894

Format Reviewed: Paperback

About the book

Frankie is nearly fourteen and teenage life certainly comes with its ups and downs. Her mum is seriously ill with MS and Frankie can feel herself growing up quickly, no thanks to Sally and her gang of bullies at school.

When Sally turns out to be not-so-mean after all, they strike up a friendship and are suddenly spending all of their time together.

But Frankie starts to wonder whether these feelings she has for Sally are stronger than her other friendships. Might she really be in love?

Frankie doesn’t want Sally to just be her friend. She wants her to be her girlfriend. But does Sally feel the same?

About the author

Jacqueline Wilson wrote her first novel when she was nine years old, and she has been writing ever since. She is now one of Britain’s bestselling and most beloved children’s authors. She has written over 100 books and is the creator of characters such as Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather. More than forty million copies of her books have been sold.

As well as winning many awards for her books, including the Children’s Book of the Year, Jacqueline is a former Children’s Laureate, and in 2008 she was appointed a Dame.

Jacqueline is also a great reader, and has amassed over 20,000 books, along with her famous collection of silver rings.

Find out more about Jacqueline and her books at

My Review

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Jacqueline Wilson book, but as soon as I heard that she’d written one with a lesbian protagonist I was immediately over excited, and the book didn’t disappoint me. JW has a knack for writing about tough topics and issues in a realistic was but still being able to keep it appropriate to the age group she’s writing for.

Frankie is 14, she lives with her mum and her two sisters. Her mum is a teacher and also suffers with MS, the family struggle with moment as in true JW style Frankie is from a single parent household. Frankie goes to school with a girl named Sally, who isn’t very kind to her, but the two soon find themselves becoming friends and an “enemies to lovers” relationship quickly forms. Things get a little more complicated as Frankie’s best friend Sam, catches feelings for her. (Yet she’s not into boys) and her mums health begins to take a sharp decline. On top of it all some conflicts arise when the others at school find out about Frankie and Sally’s relationship.

Rated 4\5

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Gretel: A Fairytale Retold – Review

Gretel: A Fairytale Retold

From The Book 

Once in a while love gives us a fairy tale…
Tormented by a pack of bloodthirsty wolves, Hans and his sister Gretel, run for their lives.
Desperation leads them into the comforting arms of a beautiful woman who asks for nothing in return for her kindness. While Gretel finds herself drawn to the seductress, Hans grows suspicious of her motives. Torn between a brother she adores and a woman she can’t help but admire, Gretel is forced to make a choice.

Will sibling bonds override the lure of a newfound love?

Find out in this exciting adult fairy tale full of action, adventure, and romance.

‘Gretel: A Fairytale Retold’ is a thrilling adaptation of a classic fairytale for fans of Angela Carter’s ‘Bloody Chamber’ and Malinda Lo’s modern classic, ‘Ash’. It is a six-chapter short story of just over 12,400 words and contains some explicit passages.

This book is for anyone who loves:
  • Lesbian Fairy Tales
  • Lesbian Romance
  • Young Adult and New Adult Fiction
  • Action Adventure Stories
  • Exciting stories with Strong Female Lead Characters
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy Fiction

Rollicking Adventures with Sapphic Romance

My Thoughts 

Gretel is a free eBook from the Amazon Kindle store, It’s only 47 pages long, but that doesn’t stop it being an amazing lesbian romance. The story starts off like the original, only with an older aged Hansel and Gretel. Instead of getting lost, they run from wolves that are hunting them. Instead of a witch we have the beautiful woman that Gretel falls for. 

Goodreads rating 5/5