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Thoughts on writing, and a Pair of Pears follow up?

The strange thing about writing is how real the characters you right about become to you.
My brain is convinced pretty much 90% of the time that the characters I write about are real people.
Part of the reason why I can’t let let go of A Pair of Pears is because of how real the story and the people are to me. To me that entire world exists.
Getting very Harry Potter here, but each character I write about is a Horcrux. I will translate this for the muggles, a Horcrux is an object or thing that contains a piece of a wizards soul. Each character, each world, I write about and create contains a piece of my soul.

I mentioned to a friend today, that entering a relationship is something that really doesn’t interest me at all. People get curious as to why I’ve been single since 2018. – I have dated people, but I’m so happy with my own company, and the company of the places  I create in my head, that I don’t get lonely as such. I’m not saying never, one day I might meet a human to who I am particularly fond of in more than a platonic sense. I also may not. I know my worth, I won’t settle.

Feel free to joke here, about the friends in my head. I guess in some way you are right. ο˜‚

For several years now I’ve been writing a follow up for A Pair of Pears. Not for me, I already know what happens and will happen, but more for the people who have asked, and who continue to ask.
Although I have written things here and there in the last few years. That ship has sailed, I have too many other things that I want to wrote about.

For those interested this is what happens.

Charlie: Charlie attends art school, her focus of gothic horror sells well and she eventually is able to make a living from it, alongside being a part-time art teacher.  She moves to New York. After the book ends, she stays with Willow and Lily, she calls things off with Jackson in their last year of school as they both want different things. – they were however together for a year.

Lily & Willow: Lily moves to London and studies writing. Willow has a freak accident involving a goat and a Ford transit van. Willow is alive, the goat isn’t. She becomes a wheelchair user but is still able to live life happily.
Because of this, Lily moves back home, ends up getting signed to a publisher, buys a house on right in front of the sea.
She’s lucky enough to make enough money to write full-time. She marries a woman that she met while in London. They have both a dog and a cat.

Jackson: Jackson gets married and has 5 children before he’s 25. He works as a self employed musician. He builds his own house, with the help of his dad.

Dylan: Dylan leaves pretty much after the book ends. He’s taken to live in Spain and attends private school. Nobody hears from him again.

Charlie’s grandad: unfortunately passes away 4 weeks after the book ends.

Except for Dylan. All characters remain in contact with each other, and stay friends.

For those interested, in reading A Pair of Pears, my manuscript is currently going through a new edit, with a polish up on some of the writing and formatting. The current version is available below in paperback and on Kindle.

Or you can wait for the next updated versions. 😊

Kindle link

Paperback link



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