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Budget Friendly Lockdown Reads (£1 and under)

Most of the world is stuck indoors at the moment, and in the words of Ms Lovett from Sweeney Todd “Times is ard”.

I’m going to assume that you all at least have a computer or smart device, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. This first one is free, pretty much all libraries now have online services. If you aren’t already a member of your local library I recommend signing up online as that’s all you need to do to start borrowing free books. (Your online library service should state which app they use.) Most libraries have really increased the number of books they have available online since lockdown started and they had to close their doors.

For this next one I’m going to recommend the Kindle and Kobo apps. Both book services have a lot of freebies and £1 and under bargains. With Kindle you can sign up to get a daily e-mail from Amazon on their selected daily and monthly book deals. It’s also worth signing up to e-mails/newsletters from authors you like as they will often share when their books are on sale/they have a giveaway, or if you are really lucky – some send free books just for you signing up to get their updates! It’s also worth following them on social media for updates on things like this too.

Depending on how you read, it might also be cheaper for you to sign up to a service such as Kindle Unlimited. – They did have an offer 2 months for 99p. – not sure if this is still running though.

Below I’m going to post some links to some Bewitching Reads approved books that are currently under £1 on Amazon.

Electrigirl – (all three books are currently under £1 Each)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Lola and The Boy Next Door

The Bad Mothers’ Book Club

All I Know Now

Lost For Words


The Colour of Magic

All the books that are in this list are books that I have read and enjoyed, I’ve not been asked to promote them.

If you have any bargain books that you think I may enjoy, please feel free to link them in the comments.



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