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The Punk Factor – Book Review (Spoiler Free)

Seventeen-year-old Frankie is obsessed with what everyone else is thinking. She can keep up with the chat – from feminism to tattoos – but when it comes to her own ideas, it’s not so easy to hide her lack of confidence. But there is one personal obsession she can’t deny – her art student drop-out ex boyfriend Doc.
With the help of her best friend, Haruna, Frankie forms a punk rock girl band to attract his attention. She’s got it all sorted; the Instagram page is live, the handmade posters are everywhere, and the band even has a first gig lined up (even if they are playing to a handful of retired bingo fans). But in her efforts to make the band a success and get Doc to notice her, Frankie starts to care less about what Doc thinks and more about how much she loves making very loud music. She finally feels a glimpse of who she can be, independent of anyone else. Then one day, Doc decides he is going to win her back . . .

My Thoughts 
I picked up The Punk Factor randomly in my local library. Recently I’ve been trying to break away from YA but it’s bright pink cover pulled me in. I then saw it contained punk, music and feminism and I was reeled in. To start with, I really struggled getting into the book. I have no idea if this the fact that I’m generally over a good chunk of the YA scene now, or it it was the book.. I got to around 100 in and very nearly put it down and didn’t finish. Gave myself another 50 pages and then I really started to get into the story. As a strong feminist I absolutely adore female fronted bands, and really enjoy the mix characters within this book. If you are looking for a YA books with feminism and edge. You should give this book a go. – Rated 3 stars.


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