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Regina Rising – Book Review

About The Book

Sixteen-year-old Regina is very different from the Regina known by fans of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. She seeks romance, adventure, and approval.
Of course, getting approval from a mother like Cora is next to impossible. For Regina, friendships have always been a rare commodity. Could it be that Regina has finally found a true friend? Or is it too good to be true? As Regina struggles to find her own identity and create her own destiny, she discovers that her fate might just be to become everything she despises.

About The Author 

Wendy Toliver is the award-winning author of five YA novels: The Secret Life of A Teenage Siren, Miss Match, Lifted, Once Upon A Time: Red’s Untold Tale, and Once Upon A Time: Regina Rising. She lives in the Utah mountains with three sons, two cats, two dogs, and one husband.

My Thoughts 

I feel the need to point out, that despite my very obvious obsession with OUAT this is NOT a biased review. Normal when it comes to TV Show novels, I struggle to enjoy them. With Charmed being and exception, but we aren’t talking about that. 
We all got to know and love Regina on OUAT and myself became a sucker dying to know more about her. – So this book was very much needed for me. AND I WASN’T DISAPPOINTED. Regina is sixteen years old, and she’s the young girl well before the evil queen. I enjoyed this book immensely, it was lovely to see more of Regina and events that led to her becoming The Evil Queen, aside from what we had already seen on the show. 

Rated 5/5 

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