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Newbie TAG!

Newbie Tag! 

1. Why did you start this blog? 
I have dabbled in and out of the blogging community for around six years now. For various life reasons it has taken me a long time to find my place. I feel like now the storm of my life is over that I have finally found myself and my place. 🙂 
2. What are some fun and unique things you can bring to the book blogging community? 
My style and quirk. – I am a pretty rad person y’know 😉 
3. What are you most excited for? 
Talking about books and being introduced to new books by other bloggers! 
4.  What book/series got you into reading? 
Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree. – I was six. 
5. Where do you read? 
I think it would probably be easier to say where I don’t read! 
Anything else you want to know? 
Check the side menu, or drop me a message/comment! 


Blogger, and book enthusiast. English Literature and Creative Writing student.

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